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The Brand

Ever wonder what it’s like to be amongst a community held together by similar ties, culture, creativity, solid core beliefs and dope style?Welcome to Slate.

Atlanta - based designer Priscilla Parker has always had a natural passion for jewelry, launched in 2014 she decided to turn her passion into a flourishing business. With the modern edgy women in mind, who is always on the go, Priscilla creates a minimalist approach with a variety of unique and classic pieces that allow her customers to develop their own style and express their fearless individuality.

The Slate brand represents symbols of strength, integrity and courage. We choose to identify ourselves as a “Tribe”. With a purpose, much more profound than dainty adornments and fly possessions. Our Slate Tribe thrives with the power of creativity, we savor the unexpected moments while always sharing our light. We are thinkers who decide to step out on faith, believe in ourselves and are committed to strive for greatness. 

The open triangle logo is an expression of resilience, with the ability to remain open minded to explore new found beginnings without fear. Embrace your vision, dream big and then dream even bigger.

At Slate, your start is always clean to create your own magic and we believe the universe is waiting for you to decide what’s next?